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Unit 1

Unit 1
Reading p2
11 palaeontology
2 astrology
3 meteorology
4 archaeology
5 geology
6 anthropology
7 graphology
8 biology
9 psychology
10 sociology
21 archaeology
2 meteorology
3 astrology
4 sociology
5 geology
6 graphology
31 neck
2 eye
3 leg
4 shoulder
5 hand
6 back
7 thumb
Sentences: Students' own answers
41 chap
2 misdemeanours
3 pretence
4 chunk
5 critique
6 surreptitiously
7 bugging
5Students' own answers
61c 2a 3e 4d 5g 6b
71e 2d 3a 4c 5b
8Students' own answers
Grammar in context p4
11c 2d 3e 4b 5g 6a 7f
21 has finally decided
2 was going to opt/had opted/would opt
3 's been hesitating
4 changed
5 'd attended/attended
6 'd already arranged
7 'd been looking forward
8 was going to cancel
9 was thinking/thought
10 'd sold out
11 had
12 was showing us
13 'd carried out/'d been carrying out
14 were fixing
15 came
31 A 2 N 3 N 4 A 5N 6N
41 used to
2 would never let
3 will always sit
4 used to attend
5 will knock
5Students' own answers
Developing vocabulary p5
2(exception underlined)
1 a)painful b)insightful c)lucky
2 a)astroloaical b)accidental c)personal
3 a)scientist b)researcher c)graphologist
4 a)considerable b)helpful c)likeable
5 a)coincidence b)improvement c)argument
6 a)scientific b)thouahtful c)optimistic
31 the frequency of complaint letters
2 was meaningless
3 My conclusion is
4 is important for people's happiness
4-ant: ignorant; pleasant; resistant; tolerant; vibrant
-ent: confident; dependent; innocent; insistent; obedient
51 expressions
2 indication
3 beneficial
4 grateful
5 applications
6 particularly
7 apparent
8 socially
9 reassurance
10 motivation
Click onto... p6
1,2 Students' own answers
Word booster
1d 2e 3f 4a 5g 6c 7b
31D 2 C 3 B 4 C 5 D 6B 7A 8C
4Students' own answers
Developing speaking p7
1possible answers
I'm coming I come from France, in the south side (of France). I am was born in Darfleur which it is close by to the sea. The thing what that I like about my town is that it is being quiet quite small and is there are very friendly people there. We are nearby near a big town which is good for do doing shopping and go going to cinemas.
I enjoy play playing sports and often go often out with my friends. My favourite hobby is play playing on with my computer. Is It's very interesting.
2Students' own answers
3, 4Possible additional expressions in italic
A Playing for time
Yes, I haven't thought about that before
Er, let me see.
Let me think about that for a second.
B Adding examples and ideas
In fact,
An interesting example of this is...
For one thing,
Something like...
For example,
For instance,
C Expressing opinions
I think...
I feel that...
In my opinion,
As far as I'm concerned,
What I think is...
To my mind,
The thing is...
5possible answers
1 Er, let me see.
2 For one thing,
3 To my mind,
4 Let me think about that for a second.
5 For example,
6 In my opinion,
7 Hmm.
8 for instance
9 As far as I'm concerned,
6-7 Students' own answers
Developing writing p8
11 a feather
3 an ox
4 crystal
5 a flash
6 a rock
7 a bat
8 a mouse
9 ice
110 a daisy
21 as strong as an ox
2 as fresh as a daisy
3 as quiet as a mouse
4 as blind as a bat
5 as easy as ABC
31 yelled
2 gasped
3 shrieked
4 sighed
5 whispered
6 whined
7 moaned
4Pictures 3 and 6.
The chef bursts through the door, so he isn't standing in the rain. And the cab driver doesn't get a meal, though he could buy one with his £300!
5first example of each feature given below
1 as red as a lobster
2 yelled
3 was
4 was getting
5 hadn't had
6 was going to cook
7 would often go
8 In the doorway stood a short man
9 the door burst open (opened quickly)
6-9 Students' own answers


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